von der Leyen e Johnson sotto accusa

If von der Leyen has ever been targeted Daily Telegraph, the pro-conservative London newspaper which revealed the continued use of private jets by the chief executive of the Brussels community, even on flights of tens of kilometres, Johnson came under fire from daily mirror: a popular pro-Labour newspaper, under which Prime Minister Toure will be He returned to London on Tuesday evening from Glasgow, also in a hurry on a private flight; And he would do it to participate in one Non-institutional dinner Where he was invited to a club of fellow former journalists.

Selection of the British Minister of Productive Activities, Quasi Quarting, Present at COP26 to discuss decarbonization, he defended Downing Street as he has already done in recent days in response to previous similar controversies over BoJo’s travels: emphasizing how Scotland is too far away and how the Prime Minister, given his many commitments, should move base as quickly as possible. So Kwarteng stressed that this does not change the seriousness of the government’s commitments towards the goalemissions zeroThis was demonstrated by the “success” of a whole series of intermediate steps that have already been implemented in the UK. On the other hand, the Labor opposition accused Johnson of “hypocrisy“.

European Commission President Ursula Von der Line She was criticized for using a private jet on the 19-minute flight from the Austrian capital, Vienna, to the Slovak capital, Bratislava.

400 private jets landed in Glasgow during COP26 – Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, whose cost is 56 million euros, led a parade of 400 private jets bound for Cop 26 in Glasgow. Among them are Prince Albert of Monaco, dozens of royals, and dozens of “green” chief executives, who have caused unusual traffic jams. At least 52 private planes landed in Glasgow on Sunday. The fleet of private jets that reached COP26 produced 13,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the amount produced by more than 1,600 Britons per year. President Biden alone produced about 100 tons of carbon to be present at the conference, thanks to a fleet of four planes, a Marine One helicopter and a massive parade of cars including The Beast and several SUVs.

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Other private jets have landed in Scotland from destinations including Stockholm, Rome, London and Brussels, all serviced via regular commercial routes. Most of the planes were chartered, which makes it hard to tell who was on board. Huge air traffic forced some planes to drop off VIPs at Glasgow Airport and fly 30 miles to nearby Prestwick due to lack of parking.

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