Volunteers queued up at night (even in pajamas) to avoid sending in missed doses

File breakdown Freezer In Washington University paid clinics Seattle And the University of Washington to vaccinate thousands of people – in a hurry – overnight. The Swedish health system tweeted late Thursday night, letting it know it had 588 appointments for Vaccine modern Available from 11 pm until 2 am. The freezer that contained 1,650 doses was actually broken, with fear of wasting the doses. All appointments were made shortly after the Tweet was posted.

«1,650 doses were given that night»Kevin Brooks, Director of Operations at the Swedish Medical Center, told NBC News. Brooks was part of the team that made sure not to miss vaccinations. «We were able to support another health organization and make sure that no dose was wasted»Brooks said.

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«It was poignant to see grandmothers in a wheelchair being vaccinated at two in the morning». Many were photographed in line with pajamas. The surprise announcement of additional vaccines brought many volunteer Seattle citizens onto the streets. «The end of this pandemic is at hand», Brooks confirmed his talk of a nice gesture from the residents.

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