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After the impressive first goal in Serie A, the young attacking midfielder was hailed at home, which he mocked when he was young.

The first goal in league Never forget. They both know something about it, Eduardo buffBoth are Christian volpato who reported yesterday about Rome On the right tracks and thanks to their “first time” they let Jose’s team Mourinho To equalize a match that seemed to be compromised twenty minutes into the start. If, then, this first net has arrived under the watchful eyes of Francis berries, perhaps, also carries a weakness. Especially since the former Giallorossi captain is also the agent of the younger player: the one who started the comeback and who allowed himself the luxury of celebrating as it should have been and brought the ball to midfield, as if to say: “We should draw”.

Winning mentality, body playing around the corner, powerful shot, that’s Volpato. An eighteen-year-old Italian of Australian descent was abused at home, The Sidney Morning Herald recalls today, which apparently exploded in Rome. first with The autumn by Mr. Alberto de russian – in which he wears the ten, the same number he himself calls “Big Brother” – now also with the first team. Yesterday’s exploitation did not go unnoticed, especially in salsa music National.

Until January 2020, the young attacking midfielder always lived in Australia, and only the contract signed with the Giallorossi brought him to Italy, his father’s country. This is enough for the possibility to choose between sucrose And the Azure, with the ex he really needs to qualify for World Cup in Qatarwhile it was among the first choices of Roberto Mancini It still takes a long time.

Mourinho advised him to think about traveling, and he would always have to go to the other side of the world if he chose Australia. Totti, the most realistic, just told him to focus on Roma, and that there would be time for the national team, as they wrote in the Gazzetta. It’s still too early to tell how that will happen, but Volpato already has a bright future ahead of him.

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