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From June 30 to July 3, 2022 the eyes of the entire beach volleyball world will be on the beaches Giardini Naxoswhere is the Lido de Naxos It will host one of the four Italian stages (the only one in Sicily) from Futures World Beach Volleyball Tour 2022.

A unique show of great sporting importance but also a strong media impact, providing a global view of the territory of Sicily. 56 pairs will compete for the final title, 28 men’s and 28 women’s, representing 28 countries from around the world. Couples who will get to Giardini Naxos, in fact, come from the most diverse regions of the world, from Brazil to Argentina, from China and Japan to the United States and Canada, to Europeans France, Germany and many others, as well as spouses from our country. So it will be a very prestigious offer for Giardini Naxos and, in general, for the whole of Sicily.

We are working to give participants, professionals and spectators from all over the world a unique show capable of enhancing our territory. – This is a comment Roberto BombaraTournament Director, Vice President Messina Vipaf Committee and vice president Messina volleyball team, The local promoter of the event whose partners Polisportiva Naxos, Mediterranea Eventi and Triptop guarantee support. “The technical rate of the event is very high, with players from all over the world preparing to put on a great sporting show. It is also a very important display of our territory. Bringing almost a hundred athletes and professionals from many countries to the shores of Giardini Naxos is invaluable, because it allows you to get acquainted with the beauty of our territory, becoming a very important soundboard. Not to mention the digital promotion that follows, with matches being broadcast on digital channels of global reach. We are satisfied that it was not easy to bring this event to Sicily but we did and now we are working on completing the event in the best possible way. This is thanks to the partners collaborating with Team Volley (Polisportiva Naxos, Mediterranea Eventi and Triptop), as well as many entrepreneurs and the many companies that decided to support the initiative by understanding its potential and of course Lido di Naxos that hosts us. In a very high-profile structure. So we are sure it will be a unique and unmissable show.”

All information about the Giardini Naxos stage can be found on the official social accounts of the local event organizers (Team Volley, Polisportiva Naxos, Mediterranea Eventi and Triptop), while information about hospitality can be found on the official Triptop social networks or by writing to triptopteam @ gmail. com.

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