Volkswagen will also hold Battery Day: the March 15th appointment

Also Volkswagen It will be battery day. Herbert Des Advertise through his social media profiles Power Day will be held on March 15th. Although there are no details about the contents of the presentation, we will definitely talk about it in the context of this event Electric vehicle batteries. However, there will be no show for new models. So no new details will be shared From the Trinity Project Or new cars from the identity family. So, what can the German group talk about?

For the time being, only hypotheses can be made. Volkswagen can Addressing the problem of supplying accumulators The news reveals this effect. The Group has significant expansion ambitions in the electric vehicle sector. However, we know that in order to maintain this growth, it is essential to ensure the correct supply of batteries. Not for nothing, Tesla has decided to directly produce cells for the accumulator within the company as well as to enter into new agreements with external partners. Hence, the news could arrive on the battery supply front. Volkswagen has many agreements with many manufacturers but is increasingly involved in it. Think, for example, about partnerships with NorthVolt and QuantumScape.

Perhaps, more information about the project to be implemented in Spain can be obtained through SEAT Cell production plant. Volkswagen could also address the issue of battery technology development. the group He is a major investor in QuantumScape Who claimed not long ago that he is a A good point in the development of solid state batteries. Accumulators that could revolutionize the electric car sector find a place initially in future Volkswagen models, and perhaps directly in Trinity.

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Obviously, this is just a hypothesis because nothing is official at the moment. The date will definitely be full of important news. If not, then Herbert Dees was not involved. Obviously, the show will take place in flush given the delicate moment on the health front. Some might say that Volkswagen imitates Tesla We know Dees is a huge fan of Elon Musk. However, such events can only be seen positively in light of the development of the electric vehicle sector where Volkswagen aims to be one of the absolute reference points.

All that remains is to wait a few more days to see what the Volkswagen Group has to say about electric vehicle batteries.

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