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Rumors about health conditions continue to rise Russian President Vladimir Putinwho would be seriously ill. Dagosbya Analyze a new video of the Kremlin leader, filmed during the bilateral summit with Imam Ali Rahmounthe President of Tajikistan, on the sidelines of the Summit of the Collective Security Treaty Organization – the collective defense agreement bringing together Russia, Belarus and the former Soviet states of Central Asia.

In the video – analysis Dagosbya – Putin see it The foot squirms strangelyHe appears to be struggling with leg tremors and chills. Then the Tsar straightens himself in his chair, placing his foot firmly on the ground, but despite this his leg continued to contract, which caused a strange reaction from his interlocutor, who seemed agitated while watching the scene.” This latest video does nothing but fuel the rumors that Putin very sick.

A few days ago, the case was blown up by the publication of an audio clip attributed to a dissident Russian oligarch, described as a former loyalist of the president, which was secretly recorded by an American colleague. “Putin has leukemia, he has already had surgery – words in the stolen voice – he is very sick, hopefully he will die. And soon, too. It destroyed the Russian economy, the economy of Ukraine and many other countries. The problem is in his head. A madman can turn the world upside down.”

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