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Vittorio deflowers Maria with a proposal

An incredible novelty that will break into life Maria Puglisi Over the next few episodes of Ladies’ paradise. According to Rai 1 soap opera spoilers, in fact, the Sicilian will receive a completely unexpected offer from Victor Conte It can turn his life upside down. We’ve already seen that thanks to the intervention Franciswho reveals to Maria about Vito’s imminent departure to Australia, the two reconcile and will eventually enjoy their love.

However, something will come back to disturb the serenity of Lamantia and her lover because of the work left unfinished by the Milanese shop accountant in Australia. Before Bullseye stops him and stops him from leaving, in fact, Vitus delivered to Victor Conte He resigned from Heaven and was on his way to solve the problems that had arisen in his company. MarieHowever, she runs to him and confesses her love for him, begging him not to leave Milan. At that point, the young man called off his departure, but soon found himself in trouble again.

Ladies’ heaven, previews: Vito will dream of leaving with Puglisi for Australia

VitusAlthough his trip to Australia is postponed, he will have to go there as soon as possible to solve the problems that he left unresolved. The accountant, by that time, will dream of life with Marie Outside Milan, he will consider the proposal to leave with him for his beloved. But soon after, something unexpected will happen that will stop his plans. Victor Contein fact, after farewell Flora Ravasi From Paradise of the Ladies he will need a new hairdresser and his choice will fall directly on Puglisi. The manager of the Milan store, as developments reveal, is going to ask the girl Replace Flora And take care of the following groups.

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Ladies’ heaven, Maria will consider asking Mathilde for help

Maria would be over the moon about Winner’s Proposal He will consider asking for help Matilda To finish the work assigned to her by the director of the Paradiso delle Signore. while, Vitus Will considers the possibility of leaving with Puglisi to Australia where they can start a new life together. However, just as Lamantia will be about to roll out a Marie To move in with him, the girl will reveal to him that she is about to become the new top designer of the Milan department store. How will the accountant react? Does he continue to lie to his lover? To find out, let’s not miss the following episodes of the series opinion 1broadcasts from Monday to Friday at 16.05.

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