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Florence, May 26, 2021 – Gennaro Gattuso He is the new coach of the FiorentinaAgainst all enemies. A surprisingly counter-current move is the one taken by the purple management that, with its most classic blitzkrieg, has come to an agreement – multi-year – with the technician who has always been at the top of the president’s preference list. Rocco Comiso And son GiuseppeEven at a reassuring time. Decisive shot yesterday morning, after the call, of a rejection of the competition that began to think concretely about Renault (Lazio above all) when there is no longer certainty about the future of Inzaghi. Biancocelesti business, at this point. Fiorentina just realized that the room for maneuver had remained unchanged and that De Laurentiis His (former) coach received solidity and rare determination to break the delay.

There were alternatives (Fonseca above all). Certainly. Nor is it dislodged if the scenarios change. As soon as there was a chance to sink the blow – the green light arrived for some time – Barron and Brady sped up and shut them down in no time. “I am very happy that I can announce to all of Viola that Gennaro Gattuso will be the next Fiorentina coach,” said Commiso, who was the first to confirm what was emerging in the early hours of yesterday afternoon. Rocco who followed the story step by step even though it was late at night in the United States. “I am convinced that Gattuso, the young coach, but he already has a lot of experience, will help us in our growth and that his professional and human history represents for the club an important guarantee of persistence, competence and desire to win.” To win. A musical word that raises enthusiasm about Fiorentina and its management. For them, Rocco has equally important words: “I would also like to thank the management for their teamwork and the abundant commitment that, just a few days before the end of the season, allowed them to be able to continue and conclude the negotiations. Very important for the future of our club.”

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