VinFast’s Enormous Rally Exposes Traders Engaging in Greater Fool Theory

Title: Speculative Trading Continues to Drive Volatility in US Stock Market

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In recent months, the US stock market has remained steeped in speculative trading, even in the face of multiple interest-rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. This phenomenon has been witnessed through the rise and subsequent crash of VinFast Auto Ltd, an unprofitable electric-vehicle maker, as well as other risky bets on companies that went public through blank check deals.

These instances serve as a stark reminder of the prominence of the greater fool theory, wherein investors bid up obscure stocks only to witness them crash spectacularly. Often, retail investors enticed by the potential for enormous gains arrive late to the trade, unwittingly playing the greater fool.

This surge in speculative trading closely mirrors the risky bets placed on other de-SPAC companies throughout the past year. With small stocks floats available, it becomes easier to drive their values either higher or lower, amplifying market volatility.

VinFast, for instance, experienced a remarkable rally of 504% over a span of six days, followed by an eight-day slide. The company still maintains a significant market value, demonstrating the unpredictable nature of speculative trading.

Surprisingly, traders, particularly those who began investing during the pandemic, remain undeterred by the inherent risks and continue to actively engage in speculative trading. The ability to trade and organize on platforms like Twitter and Discord has further contributed to the rise in such behavior. These platforms provide a space for investors to share tips, strategies, and information, ultimately fueling the speculative wave.

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The rise of speculative trading can also be attributed to the gambling culture prevalent in the US. With accessible platforms offering everything from sports betting to stock trading, a new generation of investors has been propelled into the world of high-risk speculation.

As the US stock market continues to be characterized by speculative trading, its resilience and volatility serve as both a warning and an opportunity for investors. While the potential for gains may be alluring, it is essential for traders to exercise caution and consider the long-term stability and viability of their investments.

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