Vimercate gym likely to close ‘New Life’: ‘They want us fired, they’ve filed for bankruptcy’

Vimercate gym likely to close

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Vimercate gym likely to close ‘New Life’: ‘They want us fired, they’ve filed for bankruptcy’

“They want to evict us, they bankrupt us”: this is how the employees of the “New Life” gymnasium at Vimercate explained, with a note, what is happening with the owner. A situation involving the closure of one of the “temples” of Vimercatese fitness.

Black clouds at the future of the “New Life” gymnasium on Piazza Marconi in Wemmerkat. The Hulk, a true Vimercatese institution for fitness enthusiasts, is the centerpiece of a story that could force owners to lower the curtains forever. The features of the problem were explained directly by the Temple staff on their website: “Passion seemed not enough – they wrote -. We have hoped and resisted, we are bound in every way, we have sympathized with all our means toward our collaborators, but against the arrogance, malice and speculation of one, we fear to be near an autumn. ”

The owner of the walls, “Ellesse srl”, a company led by a sole proprietor, is being targeted by space managers: “Insensitive to the pandemic-imposed gym closure and consequent voiding of activities and receipts, demanded payment of rents in full refusing any discount or postponement, though Almost 50% paid already.” Ellesse “The first attempt to evict, which was rejected by the court, and recently filed for our bankruptcy. We are now waiting for the decision from the same court.”

On the eve of returning to normal life and in the gym, “in order to continue to grow your passion and our great passion – we infer from ‘New Life’ – we hope that the court will not adapt to the attempt of speculative control and exploitation. Hopefully, after 20 years of activity, we will be able to reopen We shall be glad. If this is not possible, we want you to know that it does not depend on us; that we are as sorry as you are and bitter for the injustice you have suffered, surely moral and entrepreneurial, if not legal.”

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