Villa, Ocean Summit for the Ocean Race in Genoa on June 27

The countdown to the summit of the ocean has begun in Genoa. June 27 in Genoaas part of the arrival of The Ocean Race, a regatta around the world Historic first time to arrive in ItalyGlobal experts will gather at the Ocean Live Park in Genoa’s new waterfront to complete the Genoa Process, i.e. the innovation workshop and summit track that will lead to the writing of the first draft of a Charter of Ocean Rights. Today there World Oceans Day and the theme for 2023 is “Planet Ocean: Currents Are Changing” You are fully aligned on purpose with the work you do Ocean Race and the Municipality of Genoa in the last two years. Competitor boats are not only faced with a mathematical challenge, but a deep commitment to the study of the oceans. Teams sailing around the world have discovered large amounts of microplastics in the oceans. In samples collected by teams during the early stages of The Ocean Race, approximately 1,900 microplastics were found per cubic meter of water. Also during the third leg, the longest in the 50-year history of the regatta, 12,750 miles across the Southern Ocean. Despite being one of the most remote regions on the planet, between 160 and 1492 particles were found in samples collected during this phase between Cape Town and Itagay, Brazil. Microplastics are collected during a 60,000 km race, using the on-board sampling unit: a special filter system designed to collect plastic particles. The mariners take fresh samples every day and, after each stop, they are supplied to the UK National Oceanographic Center (NOC) for analysis, supported by the University of Rhode Island, USA. NOC recently became a science collaborator on The Ocean Race, reflecting the two organizations’ commitment to using the race’s platform to accelerate ocean science. And for the first time during the circumnavigation of the world, it is also the chemical composition of plastic particles, to help understand plastic products that enter the ocean and decompose into microplastic particles. The most abundant chemical found to date is polyethyleneIt is used in many products including single-use packaging, plastic bags and containers including bottles.

Antonio Di Natale: “It is important to establish principles based on peripheral rights”

The Genoa Oceans Summit will take place at the Jean Nouvel Pavilion., ideally located overlooking the city’s most interesting infrastructure and blueprint work which is completely rejuvenating the eastern waterfront. More than 150 guests including institutions, representatives of the research world, experts, subject scientists, and non-profit organizations are expected. They will attest to their commitment to protecting the health of the seas and oceans We will share moments from the presentation of the results of the various programs related to sustainability implemented during the regatta with the ambitious prospects for the development of relations and cooperation with European bodies, also linked to the mission charter “Reclaim our ocean and our waters”. Thanks to Operation Genova – explains Anthony DiNatalA marine biologist who made an important contribution to the pathway – 6 innovation workshops, 4 summits, 12 round tables and events were organized. This path has made it possible to develop a series of principles that will form the basis of peripheral rights, but also to involve states and communities. Today I am participating in the round table promoted by FAO to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Garbage Patch and with the non-profit Acquario di Genova and Municipality of Genoa We are proud to support the entire Genoa process.. The Secretary-General of the United Nations attended the Cape Verde summit The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to the Ocean attended several workshops on innovation. At the same time, the One Blue Voice campaign was promoted which collects signatures from around the world in support of ocean defense and which will be proposed to the United Nations. (continued) SPR LIG RED/CAT 081312 Jun 23.

Pope Francis and Sailing Presius: “It is an honor to see His Holiness take an interest in the regatta”

It has been a long journey made up of continuous diplomacyof filings, revisions, and sometimes paraphrasing taking into account notes and discussions, and working on documents in drafts in progress” Di Natale explains.It is not easy to convince governments and experts That it is necessary to change the paradigm and give a different framework to international standards, for the common interest. Significant was the contribution of hundreds of participants, who passed from the Secretary-General of the United Nations to his first officeSpecial Envoy for the Oceans to various Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Ambassadors, Scientists, Technicians and Experts and representatives of local and indigenous communities. The combination of different points of view helped strongly in improving the draft principles that will be discussed in Genoa on June 27.” A special blessing for the Genova operation came from Pope Francis Which yesterday received the flag of The Ocean Race Genova The Grand Finale from Genoa Mayor Marco Bucci and Evelina Christlin. “We thank Pope Francis for allowing us to present to him what will be a moment of exceptional importance for Genoa.”Pucci Comments. “The interest of the Holy Father in the Ocean Race fills us with pride and confirms once again the importance of this event on a global scale.”Respect for the environment and the protection of the seas were emphasized many times in the Pope’s speeches – Evelina Christelin recalls – and it was important to reaffirm these core themes close to World Oceans Day. A theme that Genoa has embraced with great commitment, which gave a strong impetus to the Genoa process of writing the first draft of a Charter of Oceans Rights.” “We are really touched and grateful to Pope Francis for extending his blessings and support to us,” he said. Richard Precious, CEO of The Ocean Race, points out. It is such an honor to see His Holiness take an interest in the regatta And in particular our goal of restoring the health of the oceans, which we share with Mayor Bucci and the City of Genoa. This provides us with further inspiration and motivation in our commitment to creating healthier surroundings for the benefit of all.”

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