Vigorexia and orthorexia: what are they and symptoms

Bologna, April 4, 2023 – The warm season is approaching, goodbye jackets, at least we hope it will be soon: the desire for self-discovery has returned and with it for many also Need to get back in shape for the summer. However, more and more people are setting very strict goals for themselves, and are looking in a short time, by My diet Iron and steel exercisesTo feel comfortable in front of the mirror. However, it is necessary to act in moderation, because between a period dedicated to diet, exercise and related eating disorders, the step can be shorter than you think.

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Balanced diet, nutritionist from Bologna: Live chicken ready to eat and live the shortage

Orthorexia: what is it and how does it manifest itself?

The term comes from the Greek – Orthos = right and – Orexis = appetite. Healthy eating is good, but it can turn into a disease that matches the trend of eating disorders, along with anorexia, bulimia, and obesity. Orthorexia is characterized by excessive control over food intake, strict label control, a “black list” of prohibited foods, and Obsessed with “pure” foods as much as possible.

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Meaning of Vigorexia

The word vigoressia is derived from the Latin “vigor” (strength, strength) and “orexis” (appetite), and thus this term can be translated by the expression: “hunger for greatness”. Vigoressia focuses on the physique, which must be perfect, defined and muscular. Obviously, for those who suffer from it, the constant need for training is accompanied by a strict control of the diet, which is not necessarily pure or of high quality, but which contains the specific nutrients for increasing muscle mass.

How can it arise

These two eating disorders, although less known compared to similar illnesses such as anorexia or bulimia, can have important implications and are often not recognized or underestimated. They can first of all manifest themselves after a disappointment, a period of suffering. They often start by getting information online about strict diets and body care, without thinking that each of us is different and has its own metabolism and on which any diet has different effects. Gradually the person becomes more precise in controlling food, weight, shopping and preparation. In vitality, the element of training is very strong, which gradually takes up more and more time in the day, subtracting it from study, work, friends and hobbies. Relatives often become aware of the seriousness of the problem when, after reaching an ideal physical shape or following a very balanced diet, the subject continues or even becomes stricter in continuing his lifestyle.

Identify people at potential risk

these diseases It is more common in males, especially between the ages of 25 and 35. But also in the little ones. Obviously, the interpretation is not only about the desire to be more beautiful and attractive: social or psychological and familial monetary factors often influence; As mentioned above, recent disappointments or losses increase the stakes. Thus, for a person, diet or training becomes a way to create a strict daily schedule and, once completed, reassure himself and feel satisfied.

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what should be done

If you think you have these disorders or someone you know suffers from them, it is necessary first and foremost for a doctor to formulate a diagnosis or possibly refer to a fellow food pathologist. In addition to a dietitian, a personal interview may be helpful, depending on the severity psychological or psychological. Sure, talking to family or friends about one’s relationship to one’s body can help see things more objectively and get us thinking, but it’s good to remember that only an expert’s opinion can help solve the problem from a medical point of view.

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