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The meeting was attended by program hosts in the coming weeks on the air.

On Tuesday, August 30 from 12:00 noon, the press conference will be held to present tables subordinate day of channels opinion. Program presenters participate in the meeting with the press. He is with them Simona SalaThe Director for daytime entertainment. During the event, all shows are presented, including news and new formats that will be broadcast soon Government TV channels. The conference is run by Fabrizio CasinelliDeputy Director of Communications opinion.

Presenting daytime schedules for Rai, press conference begins

Press conference to view schedules day ray. He is the first to intervene Director Simona Sala: “We have a wonderful summer, but crackling autumn and winter awaits us. Working on three networks, we want to be closer to all the realities of Italy. I thank the workers who never stopped and who allowed Ray to be the greatest Italian cultural company.” take the word Mara Vinier:The winning team does not change, and for this reason, in the next season of Sunday in There will be little news. we will do our best “.

Show continues with Simona Sala: “Italians need spaces to escape from reality, but also moments of information other than that of the news. In the fall, Rai 1 programs will open with the morning news edited by TG1, broadcast until 09:00. Next will be Unomatina’s turn with Massimiliano Osini, who will last for 50 minutes. Then he’ll take the Italian story line.” Thus, the word passes to the presenter Eleonora Daniel: “The following year will be the tenth year of the programme. The identity of the show runs through social stories in the service of people.”

Eleonora Daniel

Antonella Clerici and Serena Burton

View schedules day ray communicate with Antonella Clerici and his It’s always noon: “We start with recipes, but we continue with games and guests. We always try to create a relaxing atmosphere. There will be changes, but it will be trifles. ” The word moves to Serena Burtonwhich explores the new version of Today is another day: “In the past year, we have increased the number of young viewers and alumni. Let’s start again on Monday 5th September.”

The next intervention is from Alberto MatanoD connector live the life: “We resume work from the fifth of September with a responsibility enhanced by the love of the public. The envoys are ready. There will be a lot of news and the schedule will be backOnly.” Finally, regarding Ray 1 intervention Marco LorneFace chain reactionAnd the Flavio Encina D connector the legacy. beginning Marco Lorne: “Our program is in Italian. We will continue until October, and for this, we will renew the studio. He will also be back on Saturday Italy Yes! , which will have a new place and where we will try to trap the luster of the day before the holiday.” HintInstead, he says:I have no news to say because I don’t know them yet. But there will be some small news. Our luck is the human capital of competitors, as well as of course the love of the public“.

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Flavio Encina

Presentation of Al Rai’s daytime schedules, Sunday programs

View schedules day ray Connect with major network programs on Sunday. That’s why he interferes Francesca Vialdini Who reports the news With us… free: “We like to find the courage within ourselves to become free. To be able to do this, I think it’s helpful to hear strong testimonials“. there Director Simona Sala Offers lines take the word Marcelo Massi And the Daniel Ferula connectors Green Life Line Connected by Ischia. underline the two”Fortunate to be able to talk about Italy“.

View schedules day ray Connect with the data Michel Guardo, The mind of many state television programs: “I love rai. This year celebrated 52 years of working on state television. your facts And the Morning in the family make me proud. As for I, Fatti Vostri, we will continue to talk about Italy with many new columns.” will drive the program Anna Falchi And the except thin The latter states:Our box intercepts a taste of country. For me it is the hardest program ever done“. Tiberio TempereInstead, he reports that there will be no news of Morning in the family.

View daytime schedules Ray Diako

Ray news 2

Presentation tables subordinate day Connect with news Rai 2. In this regard, intervene Pierluigi Diaco for Bilmastarting September 12:Our trip started in January. I think I’m facing a similar challenge professionally. The fact that I had so much time for production is a privilege for me. There will be different challenges in the three blocks of our show. In the first part, there will be a cultural test, in the second, a group interview, and in the third, an arena on a topic. We will not deal with current affairs. The staff consists of 50 people including orchestras, competitors, reserve and commentators.”

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From September 17, in the afternoon Rai 2part in your shoes From My Siran. The latter says:We thought producing, through a social experiment, could create a space of empathy. Every day, in fact, the heroes will put themselves in someone else’s shoes. There are fathers who will replace sons and daughter-in-law in place of mother-in-law and other cases of this kind.” Another novelty is the return Elisa Eswardi. Presented by the presenter I would like to tell you that: “The show can be summed up in three words: heart, kitchen and land. We will try to get people to express their feelings. To do this, we will use a recipe that connects the main characters.”

for Intercom Ray 2And the Instead, they interfere Simona Ventura And the Paula Perego: “It’s our second year. We’re reopening with Simon and the Star and the advice of Gianluca Timpone. L’Isola delle Rose, winner of The Band on Rai 1. Among the news we’ll have Antonella Elia and Valeria Graci. The first will be touring in Italy to tell love stories, while the second doesn’t want to tell us what she wants to do.”

Elisa Eswardi

View Ray’s daytime schedules, Ray 3 . programs

View schedules day ray Connect with Show Rai 3. In this regard intervenes Massimo Bernardiniconductor Television talking:Our program starts on the 1st of October. I’d like to make a recommendation: Let’s give some time to break into new products before cutting their legs off. In order to become battleships, performances must be able to go a little further. Politics will keep us with us for a while, Simona Sala.”

there Directoralways for Rai 2Announcing a new game:Saturday afternoon there will be a test It looks natural to youled Pierluigi Bardo Debut in the family of state television. We will discuss what is normal or not, according to the Italians“.

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Pierluigi Bardo

Questions from journalists

View tables opinion subordinate day They continue with reporters’ questions. The first question is about the few young faces that are into programming. Simona Sala Approves: “On the lines we have many new faces, but the theme is there and we will take them into account. I am very sensitive to the issue of generationsThe second question about the existence of Fiorello. there Director He surreptitiously answers:We’ve always wanted the showman to be in our ranks. We will all be very happy if you come back with us“.

Next question about Bilma“. roomOn Diaco, he says:We have invested in all products. Our goal is to expand the audienceDiaco adds:We’ll be doing 161 episodes and our season will be replaced by sporting events. This weakens public loyalty, especially in the early weeks of programmingOsini took the floor and asked about him One morning reveal: “We will try to be like a sponge, absorb the will of the Italians and turn on the lights accordingly. I will be recording Linea Bianca on Saturday and SundayHere ends the presentation of tables day ray.

Massimiliano Osini

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