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Live Weather Report: (Video) UK, very rare Brocken’s Ghost seen, we reveal what it is

United Kingdom, 16 November 2022.

A few days ago, the very rare Brocken Spectrum was spotted in the Lake District of the United Kingdom.
As many sites inform us, Brocken’s spectrum is more often than not It is also called gloryIt is a rare optical phenomenon that occurs at high altitudes of light being reflected back towards its source by tiny droplets of water of uniform size. For this effect to occur, the sun must be low on the surface of the clouds surrounding the mountain on which the observer is standing.
This very special circumstances breed Casts a very magnifying shadow To the same observer, (to appear precisely as a spectrum), around which a Luminous crown of concentric colored rings resembling a rainbow.

The ancient name originated from Brocken Mountainthe highest peak of the Harz mountain range, in Germany, where this phenomenon has been observed quite often thanks to the special configuration of the area and favorable climatic conditions.

This phenomenon is most often observed in the Central Apennines.Spectrum of Brocken seen on the ApenninesSpectrum of Brocken seen on the Apennines

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