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AppleAle, who is responsible for the official Telegram group for, has shared with us a recent discovery related to Sekiro’s shadows die twice, an action game from FromSoftware. As you can see in the video above, a glitch appeared in the game Head mini version of the Guardian Monkey.

the guard monkey From Sekiro, we remember, he is a certain boss, who even after his “defeat” revives the second stage of the boss’s struggle. Moreover, later it is possible to find her in a second arena, during which you will have the opportunity to give her a real turn. But in this video we can see that the boss reappears inside his arena, where it is also possible to see the presence of a giant carp (indicating that we are at a point in the game after defeating the monkey, we see that the mission of the carp is in the last unlockable game area ).

As AppleAle mentioned, there are many anomaly in this fight. First of all, he is not considered prime, because he has a normal standard of life and does not have a second stage. Also, he wakes up like a normal little Sekiro boss. The creature begins the fight that actually confronts the player and immediately uses a poo throw: a normal boss fight doesn’t start like this. Its range of motion is chaotic, it deals much more damage than usual and is much more flexible.

It is not clear why the creature appears in this position. AppleAle confirms that they are not the result of modifications or other intended changes. The creature appeared by activating a series of vulnerabilities, which could have triggered the activation of a part of the code that was “disabled” in the base game. It is difficult to say exactly what happened.

Sekiro is one of the most popular games for the audience in recent years and it is always good to discover new secrets or quirks. Streaming devices are still meant for it today, explains Michris on Twitch, who finished the game blindfolded in 4½ hours.

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