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Kim Jong-un During his last public appearance he was Unrecognizable. In fact, the dictator was so skinny, that there was even doubt that it was really him as seen in this video he posted Republic. Despite persistent rumors about his health, the North Korean leader would be fine and would even have lost at least twenty kilograms. Seoul Intelligence is again expressing itself about Kim Jong Un’s rapid weight loss during the usual parliamentary hearing held behind closed doors.

And also denying rumors that Pyongyang may have used a double in the leader’s last public appearance, leaders of National Intelligence Service (Nice) reported, in the agency’s report Yonhap, that the leader had reached a maximum weight of about 140 pounds before he subsequently lost weight and that the weight loss was evident around June.

After all, Kim Jong-un’s health conditions have for years been the subject of fairly reliable news, and above all speculation also of the political consequences for North Korea if he dies. Indeed, at the moment there are no heirs who could replace him.

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