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These days, waiting for a new presentation for Final Fantasy 16, an old one has appeared again on the Internet video who created Comparison between Final Fantasy 16 and DMC 5’s combat systemCapcom action game. You can watch the video above.

The video is from P44/GPRS, a channel with just over 4,300 subscribers. In over a year and a half, the video has only garnered 7,000 views and a little more. In other words, you have passed on the crafty. However, this is an interesting video, unfortunately It is still valid Because we haven’t seen any other Final Fantasy 16 trailer since the show featured in this video.

In case you don’t understand why the comparison was made by Final Fantasy 16 and DMC 5, the answer is simple: Ryota Suzukithe head of the team that created the game’s combat system from Capcom, is hired by Square Enix and appears to be working on Final Fantasy 16.

The comparison video shows the different moves featured during the Final Fantasy 16 trailer and shows how there are very similar attacks and combos in DMC 5. This is clearly not a 1:1 version of Devil May Cry’s moves. However, this comparison allows us to accurately see the movements of the hero of Final Fantasy 16 and shows us how, even if unique, Square Enix contained a lot of information.

However, remember that we know very little about the game, and as the video comparison at the end also indicates, we should not rush to conclusions. For example, Final Fantasy 16 will likely have files Command entry system Simpler than DMC 5, even the least experienced players in action games can.

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Also, Final Fantasy as a base suggests party members: We didn’t see them in the first trailer, but it’s possible that there are bundled mechanics with allies (they exist for example in Final Fantasy 15). Finally, there is also the possibility that Final Fantasy 16 will allow you to choose more classes/functions to choose from, which could change the combo system.

Finally, we inform you that the new trailer is ready and will be released “soon”. We also leave you to our article in which we explain that Final Fantasy 16 can break a modern tradition of the saga.

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