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Roundgear Strive Available in an experimental format and analyzed by VG Tech via file Video comparison Perform this fighting game in version PS5And the Playstation 4 H PS4 Pro. The version tested is exactly 1.001,000 on PlayStation 5 and 1.01 on both PS4 models. We also specify that the tests were conducted on offline matches. The result? Simply put, 4K and 60fps are only possible on the PS5. But let’s see some additional details.

Let’s start first with the “weakest” version, ie Playstation 4 Basic. Sony’s gaming machine is able to deliver accuracy equal to Guilty Gear Strive 1536 x 864 As reported by VG Tech. Obviously on PS4 Pro The native resolution is higher, to be exact 1920 x 1080. The PlayStation 4 Pro can output at a resolution of 2160p, thus displaying the UI at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 but causes some graphic issues as a result. However, if it stays at 1080p, that’s no problem.

Release PS5 On the other hand, the original Gulty Gear Strive has a resolution of 3840 x 2160, that is 4K original. All three versions refer to 60 fps. The score was excellent on all three platforms, although there were some additional drops on the PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro releases. Keep in mind, however, that the scenes suggested in the video are not completely identical, so it’s not easy to make a direct comparison. In any case, 4K and 60fps resolution should be guaranteed on the PS5.

We remember that, too We are talking about a trial version, So Gulty Gear Strive may undergo some changes (hopefully, that’s better). As mentioned, fighting game fans can be satisfied right now. To obtain a full judgment, however, it would be necessary Wait for the final release.

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Finally, here is our Gulty Gear Strive beta we tested.

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