Video call service “what a concern”, counter in the video call

A new Revenue Agency service has been launched that allows citizens and tax authorities to communicate via video call.

Relationships with tax authorities are often cases of anxiety for a citizen, but they are also a waste of time. There are countless occasions one has to go to to the revenue agency and it will never be fun.

But in addition to that, it also had to be said that the queues at Inland Revenue really took a lot of time. That is why a new service has been launched that allows citizens and operators of the Revenue Agency to talk on a video call as if they were present. So you avoid actually going to the counter but you also avoid the queue. Let’s see how it works.

new service

it all starts With their certification on the revenue agency platform. At this point, a video call is reserved with the operator. So we are talking about a service by booking specifically to avoid queues and delays, but also to allow the operator and the user to communicate effectively at the same time. For now, the service is still limited. In fact, there are only three active functions.

Currently, there are only three services

The three services currently active are: ‘Business and Succession’ then we have ‘Declarations and Refunds’ and finally ‘Tax Code and Duplicate Health Card’. But the revenue agency confirms that others will arrive later. But be careful because it is not one way. In fact, even if it is offered as an additional option for the taxpayer, the agency may also contact us to request clarifications and documents. So it would be something that goes both ways.

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Document exchange

But how do you exchange documents with a video call player? Currently, if necessary, send documents to the operator, they can be sent via e-mail. However, it is likely that the document exchange service will start in the future compact on the same platform. So definitely another opportunity for remote communication with the tax authorities. All in the logic of modernizing and monetizing the relationship with the revenue agency.

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The director of the agency presented this novelty as an important step forward in communicating tax authorities and citizens in an easy way. Above all, director Ruffini emphasized the gains in terms of time. Therefore, as of today, refunds, clarifications and anything else can also be requested from home.

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