Veterans and New Recruits: Doctors Among Medals, Sections, and Orders: “Relaunching Public Health”

FERMO – This afternoon at the Teatro dell’Aquila the awards and oaths for the new white coats. President Galkani: “The divestment from the public has been massive, with 15% of hospitals closed in 10 years. And the bleeding of the national public system was not only structural, but also in the presence of welfare staff, a percentage that decreased by 6% in the 10 years past”

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New doctors who formalized the start of their careers with the Hippocratic Oath, white coats with decades of experience behind them and who were rightly recognized with “Lifetime Achievement” medals. All this day at the Aquila Theater in Fermo in the afternoons its protagonists were obviously, the doctors of Fermano. An event during which the whole class of health care gathered around the new recruits and those who, having reached the age limits, hung up their coats, as well as the two doctors who celebrated 25 years of profession. An initiative that is particularly difficult to organize, according to the president of the Doctors’ Union, Anna Maria Kalkany, but is more honest because it “returns us enthusiasm to face new and unpredictable challenges”. Local institutions were present, led by Mayor Paolo Calcinaro and Governor Vincenza Felipe, and some political representatives, including the respected Mauro Lucentini and regional councilors Andrea Pozzo and Jessica Marcozzi.

The first speech of Mayor Paolo Calcinaro was: “My presence is a duty given what happened in this period. I can emphasize this as a personal experience (Calcinaro was hospitalized in Murri for Covid), to emphasize the closeness to the world of healthcare that is seen as A user of the system We felt, in fact, protected by this system. There were many fronts, and knowledge of the phenomenon was by no means complete. I want to mention the commitment of general practitioners and hospital doctors in the very important vaccination campaign. We will have to continue to form A common front, for our healthcare in Fermo, is unique and exotic with one access point for one county that will have to face other challenges, such as building a new hospital.”

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Governor Vincenza Felipe was also in attendance and responded to the call: “Thank you to the doctors in this difficult year. With countless commissions, we faced a historic moment we didn’t know which direction to take. We worked with the Fermo healthcare team. To you – addressing the doctors – thank you very much. Yours for what you will continue to do.”

The speech of the organization’s president, Anna Maria Kalkany, on the occasion of the Hippocratic Oath, began with a reference to the “heavy toll” of the victims of Covid: “We have killed two people, Dr. . He recalled several hospital doctors who had fallen ill,” before asking for a minute to recall. After that, President Kalkany returned to addressing the youth: “With the Hippocratic oath, you formally enter professional life. A comprehensive view of the patient will be needed.” There are many weaknesses in the health system that have emerged during the pandemic: “The public disinvestment has been massive, with 15% of hospitals closed within 10 years. The bleeding of the general national system was not only structural, but also in the presence of auxiliary workers, a percentage that decreased by 6% in the past 10 years. The health system became less popular and the territory was not strengthened. Doctors running away from work without reaching retirement is troubling. They move to the private sector. The rallies are the third region in Italy to show this phenomenon. Generational change is not encouraged in the public sector.” As Kalkani pointed out, the phenomenon of poverty has increased and public health should guarantee the right to health for the extreme poor. Kalkani said: “The public health service should be effective, free, timely and close to it – in the future Near, more resources will be allocated to structures than to employees. This is the time to re-establish a new public health system, urging the new young doctors seated among the audience.

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On the stage, it was the turn of Massimo de Onofrio, President of the Cao (Committee for the Register of Dentists), which has 153 members: “The commission began its mandate 6 months ago, and dentists were immediately on top, amid a thousand difficulties, of direct exposure to the Covid virus. We have made All our efforts to ensure the safety of patients and operators.In our Fermo reality, the synergy between Order and Vast Area has been activated in a very short time.At this delicate point in our professional history, we have been able to work together to overcome difficulties and critical moments like a family.I invite younger colleagues To find their professional home in order. This was followed by a celebration, first with gold medals for doctors with a career of 50 years, and then for 25 years. Finally, it was the turn of the young medical vows to take the podium one by one, and then read the Hippocratic Oath to which everyone replied, in unison: “I swear.”

For 50 years of service, doctors Luciano Alessandrini, Armando Benedetti, Massimo Concetti, Vincenzo Palomba, Gianfranco Politini and Elio Carlo Restuccia have been honored. For 25 years Sandra Di Marco and Patrizia Iacobini. Also celebrated were the new members of the order, namely, Adele Agostini, Riccardo Amatucci, Mara Barchetti, Alessandro Borgio, Matteo Cattani (dentistry), Elisa Ciadamore, Kimberly Coscia, Krizia Crociani, Andrea de Flavio, Beatrice Donati, Irene Fioravanti, Irene Lo , Mariana Lupinetti, Carlotta Mancusi, Rossella Millivolti, Fabio Mori, Eleonora Rometelli, Jasmine Sai, Sarah Santarelli, Mario Simonetti, Giulia Spadavecchia, Paolo Tovoni, Maria Vittoria Tosco (dentistry).

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