Very Mobile, New Promotion of 50 GB, Minutes and SMS for 5.99 €

Good news for everyone who wants to save thanks to the phone offers. Very Mobile app, in fact, once again amazes with a truly incredible promotion. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

Mobile Offers
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The coronavirus has entered our lives so aggressively, prompting us to change a lot of our lives Habits. From the use of masks, to social distancing, to various restrictions, on the other hand, there are many precautions that we must constantly pay attention to. A particularly complex historical period, which unfortunately sees many people have to deal with difficult management of family budget.

In fact, there are many items that affect our pockets, such as weekly shopping, but also Invoices And different daily expenses. If all this is not enough, the costs Mobile phone, which includes phone calls, text messages, and the Internet. In this particular context, it would be interesting to know very mobile Once again able to wow everyone with a really amazing new promotion. So let’s get into the details and see what it is.

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Mobile Very Mobile, amazing offer: 50 GB, minutes and SMS for 5.99 €

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very mobile, the semi-virtual operator of the CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd group, continues to be impressed with truly incredible promotions. A clear example of this is the very 5.99 offer, with 50G, which is aimed at those who activate a new number or come from certain specific operators.

Thanks to this promotion you can take advantage of it Unlimited calls and texts, but also up to 50 GB of mobile internet traffic for only 5.99 € per month. To subscribe to this offer, you must activate a new number or implement portability if you come from Iliad, Fastweb, PosteMobile and some virtual operators.

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Who comes from TIM, Vodafone, WindTre, is. On the other hand, Kena Mobile and Spusu can take advantage of unlimited minutes and text messages, with internet traffic of up to 50GB, by paying 11.99 € per month. But not only that, we remind you that until June 20 the activation cost is free, which makes this promotion even more advantageous.

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