Very low returns in August

August is proving, at least in the early days, to be a very bad month for cryptocurrency returns. After the Bitcoin shutdown in July which was giving investors hope, it looks like August will remain the red dot month for virtual currencies. Let’s look at it together.


If we consider the first six months of 2022, we see how it all works Cryptocurrency sector It has undergone a rather strong downward adjustment. The coin is the state of Bitcoin, which, after reaching its maximum value in the fall of 2021, halved the value of the coin. There was a slight recovery in July, but the early days of August washed away the positivity immediately.

What is the worst cryptocurrency in August 2022?

Cryptocurrencies: What was the worst for August?

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August started recently, but it is already giving strong indications regardingCryptocurrency trend. Despite the slight recovery seen in July, the major reference cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum They showed severely negative values.

The situation is far from promising, given that in 2022 cryptocurrencies literally collapsed, according to experts, as a result of the uncertainty in the global macroeconomic scenario. But let’s see how much August losses.

Bitcoin and Ethereum: August with the red dot

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As mentioned, to drag toward the minus signThe entire cryptocurrency sector In the early days of August, these coins were the major bitcoin and ethereum currencies. The latter has already lost 5.88% compared to July 31, with a face value of around $1,580. For Bitcoin, values ​​are not a concern.

In fact, the virtual queen of Bitcoin lost only 1.41%, with a coin value of $22,830. We’re away from 60,000 or so last fall. The only cryptocurrency to be saved is CRO, which appears higher than at the end of July.

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