“Very hot”: dives into the river and dies at the age of 16. Call: “Resist temptation”

a boy 16 years Die After that I decided to dive into the river to find some reference. The scorching heat He also reached the UK, where the columns of the thermometer rarely indicate certain numbers and citizens try to resist the heat in every way. to me Manchester Temperatures reached 27 degrees and the young man decided to go swimming in the Salford Quays, but his refreshing bath turned into Tragedy.

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alarm clock

Rescuers receivedWarning Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, July 16, around 6:15 p.m. after a bystander spotted a swimmer in distress. Firefighters, police and health workers intervened immediately. But the research also required the intervention of a specialized team of divers task of sifting the river bed.

The tragic discovery

Rescue efforts ended in one tragic discovery. After about three and a half hours of searching, Greater Manchester Police reported that their crews had found body from the victim.
An army spokesman revealed, today, that the body is believed to be that of a 16-year-old boy who was last seen wrestling in the water after swimming with his friends.

Identity is still unknown

Greater Manchester Police said the family had reported the incident, but the identity of the young man remains unknown. “His family has been notified and assisted by specially trained officers at this very sad time. Investigations are ongoing but Swinton CID investigators, at this point, are confident that there are no suspicious circumstances and that the file is being prepared for the coroner.

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“Avoid temptation”

finally appeal to citizens. After reporting the recovery of the young man who died in the river, the police wanted to make an appeal to the citizens who might fall into seduction to calm down from scorching heat With a dip in the open waters of the river. “Our thoughts, at this terrible moment, are with the boy’s family supported by our officers in #Salford – customers write on Twitter -. But remember to avoid the temptation to cool off in open river waters. We all want to fight the heat, but… Do it safe. Think of your family and be wary of your friends.”

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