Verstappen: In Mexico with Austin momentum, ready for a power race

Austin’s assertion has a very specific weight, given how they arrived – the clear supremacy in speed in the race – and after the series of races they were veterans of. Verstappen Red Bull. Unusual damage reduction, those obtained in Russia and Turkey, although with the replacement of the engine and not quite the perfect fittings. However, Max is always there to grind point by point.

Twelve, ahead of Hamilton in the world championship after Austin’s win. It was a great feeling to come back to winning in the StatesThe last few races have been very tough with different penalties for replacing the engine and some unfortunate moments. It was definitely a great moment to get back to winning and with Chico by my side. It was a rewarding victory, we showed a good rhythm and I can’t wait to keep the momentum going.“.

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Crucial round or almost

In Mexico City (here GP times), in the past Red Bull has run great races, either for the qualities of the Renault power unit easily in very thin air conditions, or for the ability to generate a higher payload than the competitors.

Dealing another blow to the opponent could result in a final journey towards the title, if he is able to bring the advantage to +19 or more, with four races remaining.

Wrong steps are not allowed

Verstappen warns of the dangers of achieving a difficult race triple for the team, which will fly from Mexico City to Sao Paulo in three days, and then travel from Brazil to Lusail, Qatar. In the same very short period of time the checkered Interlagos flag.

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Editor’s Editorial: The World Cup is entering the decisive phase

“I can’t wait to race in Mexico, I’m thrilled, even though I know that managing three races in three weeks is quite a challenge.

It is very important for me and the team that we try to get into the next three racesNow we are fighting for the championship. We will travel a lot and with the time difference, but I can’t wait to get on the right track in Mexico and Brazil and then look forward to the challenge of competing on a new track in Qatar.”.

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