Verstappen and F1 hypocrisy: «Budget cap? We did really well and now they want to slow us down.” – 2022

Since indiscretion that Red Bull can break budget ceilingNothing else was talked about. The question is very important. there Formula 1 It’s a competitive sport where a lot of money is always being spent, so any extra spending can always make a big difference.

Verstappen: ‘We know what to deal with’

The difference requires clarity. there Red Bull The threshold has been crossed, and the teams want to know the exact number and then get an idea of ​​what would be the appropriate punishment they would be entitled to. Nothing has been confirmed yetThe two-time world champion commented yesterday Max Verstappen, intervened for Austin (US GP 2022 website) In front of Microphones’Sky Sports“. “As a team We know what we have to deal with“.

We remind you that Red Bull plus aprocedural violation“, a”minor offense“Because he crossed a threshold budget ceiling (limit imposed on $145 million) for a number less than 5% of the same thing (hence the hack can reach $7.25 million).

“We’ve been very clear about what we think is right”, the Dutchman continues confidently. Today some data, mostly rumors, surfaced regarding the additional expenses that the team may have incurred Milton Keynes ($800,000 for gardeners vacation and sick pay; $1.2 million for catering activities + other expenses related to spare parts and an additional tax issue not well defined yet. Thus, the expenses definitely exceed $2 million, I read here).

Verstappen: ‘They’re all a bit hypocritical’

I don’t have to think about it. This is an issue between the team and the FIA. I think this is all a result of the fact that we did a good job and now they are all (The reference targets the entire environment, team first and foremost, editor) Trying to slow us down in any way possibleGloss Verstappen. “This is how F1 works. They are all a bit hypocritical, but no problem. We just have to focus on our work.”

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picture: Red Bull Racing

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