Verona loves culture, Verona is the seventh for exports

Culture and leisure products: With 102 million euros, Verona is the seventh Italian province of export. Products of Veronian culture and leisure are “consumed” and appreciated even outside national borders: Verona is in fact the seventh Italian province (with a share of the national total equal to 3.6%) in terms of export value, with an amount that in 2019 was equal to 102 million euros. The data comes from an analysis of 2019 data by the Studies Office of the Verona Chamber of Commerce.

“Culture and leisure -” explains Verona’s Chamber of Commerce President Giuseppe Riello – are certainly important factors driving Veronese’s tourism. Exports of products that refer to these sectors increase and increase the attractiveness of the region. In particular, for cultural products, a mirror “Made in Verona” “Around the world, there is a close relationship with foreign tourist flows, and the growth of some conditions is often favorable for the development of others.”

The number of Veronese companies operating in the culture and entertainment sector is 735 (0.8% of the total number of companies); 53.1% related to sole proprietorship. Almost one in three companies (32.65%) is involved in the production of creative, artistic and entertainment activities. The sectors of “Products of Photography Activities” (27.76%), “Books and Periodicals and Other Publishing Activities Products” (15.51%) and “Products of Film, Video and Television Activities” (12.52%).

Although it relates to a minority share of provincial exports (0.9%), the sector is registering double-digit growth year-on-year (+ 22.4%), and the data analyzed takes a meaning that should be viewed more broadly, bearing in mind the close links With other regional economic sectors.

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The main markets for Veronese products related to the cultural and entertainment sectors are France (which absorbs 30.3% of exports), followed by Germany (12.8%), the United States (10.0%), Sweden (8.2%) and the United Kingdom (7.9%). %).

The main item of exports (with a share of 91.55% and a value of 93.3 million euros) is that of “books, periodicals and other publishing activities products”. For these products, Verona, with a share of 8.9% of the national total, is ranked fourth in the ranking of the main exporting provinces, after Milan, Bergamo and Modena.

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