Verizon’s LTE-based home internet is now in 48 US states, and it might be your last resort

Verizon’s 4G LTE-based home broadband service targeting rural communities is Available now in 48 statesAnd it may be helpful to take a look at whether it’s available in your area. The service called “LTE Home Internet” offers unlimited data, no data usage limits, and typical download speeds of 25 Mbps with maximum speeds of 50 Mbps. But it is only available in “parts” of 189 markets, and only in regions where the company doesn’t really offer other broadband options like Fios or 5G in-home service.

LTE Home Internet starts at $ 40, but that’s only if you already subscribe to Verizon’s monthly wireless plan that costs $ 30 or more. Those without an eligible Verizon wireless plan will instead pay $ 60 per month for LTE Home Internet. Prices for both levels are up $ 10 if you’re not signed up for automatic payment and free paper billing.

Whatever price you pay, you’ll also need an LTE Home router, which costs $ 240 on its own or $ 10 per month over 24 months with the company’s payment plan. If you choose the monthly payment plan, Verizon will give you a balance of $ 10 on your bill for each of those 24 months.

Verizon launches LTE Home Internet for the first time In July In a few select markets: Savannah, Georgia; Springfield, Missouri; And area three cities in Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky. If you want to check if LTE Home Internet is available where you live, you can Enter your address here On the Verizon website.

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