Veragnese was concerned about the health conditions of little Vitoria: after the horror of the cruel choice

For Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, the health of little Vittoria takes priority over everything and everyone, which is why they made a radical decision for the sake of their daughter.

Chiara Ferragni It certainly needs no introduction. Nobody heard his name at least once. Entrepreneur and Influencer from Cremona, born 1987 She gave birth to the world of influencers and bloggers. It almost all started as a joke in 2009 with the site blonde power To become a digital entrepreneur with more than 25 million people who follow her on her Instagram profile.

Ferragni has become a well-known and loved face all over the world, Certificate of luxury brands. A girl who never backs down and loves to take new experiences so much that she debuted Summer 2020 in a singer’s version on Summer Song Notes It’s no longer enough for me With Baby K. For her private life, she has been married since 2018 videos Which made her a mother Leo Maria (2018) By win over (2021).

Just a few months ago, little Vittoria had some problems and was forced to stay in the hospital for a few days. It seemed that the worst was finally over and the Veraganese were calm by their children’s side. Hence the decision to leave for the Christmas holidays and spend them in the mountains.

However, Chiara Ferragni and Fedez had to cut short these holidays and return to Milan in order to get closer to the hospital. To reveal the cause is the same as the influencer, through Instagram Stories: “With the holidays we were not particularly lucky, Leo was not feeling well yesterday, he had a fever today and he doesn’t have it anymore, he only has a cough, but his food is taken.”

Viragni shows her fans worried as she still remembers the days he spent in the hospital and is afraid. Hence the decision to return home while his sisters and mother continue their vacation in the mountains.

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The Virgins: Do Leon and Vittoria have Covid?

Many wonder if Leon and Vitoria have contracted Covid, but Chiara Ferragni is keen to point out that it is not this virus: “Both are negative, however, given the fear we had with Vito a few months ago, we prefer to go back to Milan and stay near the hospitals (hopefully not) because we are a little isolated here.”

There is clearly hope that everything will be for the better during the upcoming holidays and that they can all be healthy and enjoy it to the fullest.

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