Venezuelan opponent Guaido arrives in Colombia and is forced to leave again

Bogota Colombia forced former Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido To leave the country a few hours after arriving in Bogota to attend an international conference on Venezuela. An opposition source told AFP. According to an anonymous source, Guaidó is now on a “commercial flight” with “the destination is the United States.” The Colombian authorities, who spoke of the “improper entry” of the former Venezuelan opposition leader into their country, did not confirm Guaido’s departure at the present time. The international conference is an initiative of the Colombian president Gustavo Petro As of today, about 20 countries are participating, including the United States and France, with the aim of relaunching negotiations on the normalization of Venezuela in order to finally reach free elections. Negotiations began in Mexico in August 2021, and stopped the following November. But representatives of the Venezuelan regime and the opposition were not invited to the meetings in Bogota. Guaido, who is still at the helm of several pending proceedings before the Venezuelan judiciary, including the case of high treason, is expressly prohibited from leaving his country.

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