Venezuela, the humanitarian agreement between Maduro and the opposition. Chevron is drilling for oil again

President’s government Nicolas Maduro And the Venezuelan political opposition has arrived human agreementduring bilateral talks a Mexico City mediated NorwayIn the fields of education, health, food safety, disaster prevention and energy management. The delegates of the parties agreed on the need to “obtain the release of Venezuelan funds frozen by the international financial system” at a value of approximately 3 billion dollars and to establish a managed fund. United nationswho will take care of Management And spend the money to build programs social. The US Treasury He stated that the agreement represents “a step forward to restore democracyAnd ceded it to the oil company chevrons Six-month license to resume withdrawals Venezuela. License understood as one Stimulus to encourage continuation affiliate Negotiationmay be withdrawn at any time and i Take the proceeds It can not be put into the budget but must be used by Caracas To pay off outstanding debts chevrons. And what will be extracted, White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby specified, “will be transferred here to the United States.” The Biden administration also noted that “the other sanctions it imposed United State For the lack of respect for human rights in Venezuela It will remain in effect” and can only be mitigated if a negotiated solution is reached.

The oil that Europe craves The ultimate goal is to reach a political agreement that allows for presidential elections to be held in 2024 FreeAnd the democracy And in the presence observers international. It’s a hard road though The international situation has changed It can make the image more dynamic. The Venezuela It has the largest oil resources in the world and these riches are desirableEurope After separation He flies After the invasion of Ukraine. The energy crisis made him Caracas palatable in the eyes Brussels But also the left turn that took place in Latin america, Make a contribution. The new progressive Colombian president Gustavo Petro Rekindled relations with Caracas He proposed concrete solutions for understanding while Argentina Albert Fernandez He offered himself as a mediator. Elected Brazilian Head of State Luis Ignacio Lula da Silvahistorically close to the positions of the Venezuelan executive power Hugo ChavezI spoke to him recently Maduro Resumption of cooperation between the two countries after a long period of tension during the term of office Jair Bolsonaro.

collapsed country Maduro It managed to stay in power, in recent years, thanks to the strong support of the army and the help of allies such as ChinaAnd the Iran And the Russia to get around fines. All this happened while Economy and the the society Venezuelan solution because of an unprecedented crisis and come on semantics Humanitarian Important. More than seven million Venezuelans have been coerced, according to the data I reported United nationsto leave yours village To try to rebuild life outside and escape from poverty. Mismanagement of money before Caracassocial spending and welfare surplus, dependence on prices petroleum The sanctions resulted in a collapse the system economic And the healthywith an inflation rate of more than 155 percent and a poverty Who reached to touch more than half Population. De facto dollarization and the adoption of stabilization measures have managed, in recent months, to make a slight recovery from the economy And according to some analysts, the situation seems to be heading towards a to improve. To prove this there will also be a drop in Henf And the from insecurity Which, for many years, made life impossible for Venezuelans with spread Thefts And the Murders. The opposition, which in the past has achieved significant but partial electoral victories, is still divided internally: weakness Maduro It can be used to reach agreement with some factions And take away the bargaining power of others.

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