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Venezuela: Maduro condemns US decision to recognize Guaido as interim president

The Venezuelan government has condemned the US decision to continue recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president. The action identified by Caracas as “a violation of international law, the constitution and the democratic order.” In a statement, the State Department accused the State Department of “trying to legitimize the work of a transnational criminal group already known for its role in seizing and squandering Venezuelan resources.”

According to the Maduro government, “this new measure is part of a failed and repeated policy of the United States, which criminally undermines the sovereignty of the country and tries to endanger its peace, stability and development,” the memo states. Therefore, the Venezuelan government described Washington’s “lack of courage” in its “attempt to maintain diplomatic relations, dialogue and respect with the government of Venezuela” as “unfortunate” and criticized President Joe Biden for his continued “diplomatic, economic and political persecution of Venezuela.” It is time for the US government to abandon the threats and correct its “irrational, cowardly, neo-colonialist” stance.

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