Veneto has 7 doses of Pfizer vial: “It is possible to use a special syringe.”

Venice. Not five – as he initially thought – not even six, but even seven, albeit not always. There are many doses of Pfizer vaccine that can be extracted in Veneto from the same bottle, thanks to the million micro-injections purchased from Azienda Zero, the regional health authority.

“According to technical indications, it is possible to get at least 6 doses of vaccine from the same bottle,” explains Michel Mongelo, Head of the Prevention and Public Health Regulatory Unit. There are cases in which, without sanctions, we were able to extract 7 ». “We follow the indications we try to get at least 6 doses from each vial, and get the maximum whenever the conditions exist,” says Venetian Ulss. Our workers work on 7 doses whenever possible. ” The practice has been evacuated in the Belluno area, says Sandro Sincoete, head of the ULS Hygiene and Sanitation Service: “It’s pure mathematics. Each bottle of Pfizer contains 0.45 ml of product diluted with 1.8 ml of physiological solution, for a total of 2.25 ml of liquid to be administered. Divide 2.25 mL by 0.3 mL (dose amount) the result is 7.5 inches.

However, in this case, 1 + 1 is not always 2. In fact, 2.25 divided by 0.3 is not always 7.5. “Compared to the nurses responsible for diluting the medication, we realized that we couldn’t get 7 full doses,” explains Maria Angiola Crivellaro, chief of occupational medicine at Padua Hospital. “After the sixth dose there are some residues, but it is not enough for seven. According to the technical data sheet, it is not possible to mix liquids from different packages.” Cinquetti explains, “We don’t always manage to get 7 doses. When we do, it is because we are sure that We have the required amount of liquid, thus 0.3ml. Sometimes, in the extraction, something is lost, then we limit it to 6 doses. We never added the residue. We immediately noticed that it was possible to extract 7 doses, not just 6 doses. With Aifah’s approval, we started to move in “We are trying to exploit every possibility to increase the supply, albeit slightly.”

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Also from Veneto, from Conegliano (Treviso), Silver Masknit masks come. “Silver is a potent inhibitor -” says Santi de Bicol, CEO of Mandarin Knitting Technology, the manufacturer -. “We use cross-linked silver ions in the polyamide fibers, so the mask retains its protective properties even after a hundred washes, and it has an anti-viral technology texture.”

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