Vehicle tax, payment prescription comes within three years

What is the statute of limitations for motor vehicle tax? Let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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Struggling between bills to pay and daily needs of various kinds, there are actually many expenses that need to be addressed immediately. If all this were not enough, thanks to the negative impact of Covid on the economy, many people find themselves having to deal with complex management of the family budget. Among the most valuable items is undoubtedly those ofautomatic.

A clear example is car tax, which must be paid annually by everyone who owns a car. Just delving into the car tax, many wonder what its terms are Prescription To consider how to assert your rights to this territorial tax. So let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

Car tax, pay attention to the prescription: everything you need to know

In addition to taxes subject to state jurisdiction, even local taxes are no longer due once the limitation period has expired. In the case of IMU and Tari, for example, it is 5 years. to any concern car tax, While that, The limitation period is three years, effective January 1 of the year following that in which the motor vehicle tax was due to be paid.

For example, if the taxpayer does not pay the car tax related to 2019, the district has until December 31, 2022 to be notified of the assessment notice with relative notice to pay the amount owed. This therefore means that the car tax No longer due after three years during which the pay slip was never received. In this case, the motorist can take advantage of the limitation period for the car tax, remembering, however, that the cancellation of the contract is never done automatically.

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To this end, in fact, it is up to the car owner to provide appeal, in order to obtain a relative cancellation. The Regional Tax Commission, or Ctr, steps in in this context and issues the relevant sentence. Alternatively, it is possible to choose a self-protection application, which allows you to speed up the timing.

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