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The Vatican Court rejected the request to suspend and postpone the trial on the administration of the funds of the State Secretariat, which was put forward by some defenses in the light of conversations and letters raised yesterday by the promoter of justice Alessandro Dedi, in part from the correspondence between Francesca Immacolata Chaouqui and Genoveffa Ciferri, friend of the witness, Mgr. Alberto Perlasca. Based on the new documents, Didi opened a new investigation file. Shawky and Seferi will be heard at a hearing in early 2023 and, if necessary, will be confronted.
The request to postpone the hearing to a later date, today in the fortieth session, was the lawyer. Cataldo Interrere, defender of Fabrizio Tirabasi, “in order to allow investigations into the facts clarified by PG Didi”. Interriri also requested that the documents be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor in Rome, regarding possible “criminal acts” committed on Italian soil. Based on what Didi disclosed yesterday, the lawyer asked: “Is it a matter of misrepresentation? Fraud? Threats? There is some bearing on the facts dealt with in this trial. I express to Didi as a lawyer my sympathy for the suspicions and insinuations.” Solidarity joined by all defenses as well as by the court. During the hearing, part of a long letter sent by Genoveva Severi to Didi on November 26 was read, in which, regarding the conversations she had with Francesca Schocki, she told the promoter of justice that she “boasted of close cooperation with the Milanese, with regard to the investigations, with the promoter of Milan, the gendarmerie and the Holy Pope himself The results you gave and the information about yourself and others were so accurate and detailed that I had no trouble believing you.”
And again: “Inform me in real time of your movements and everything he said, concerning the ongoing investigations, as well as the movements of the Pope himself.” Statements like this and others “deserve deep investigation, they are a cause for concern. Clarification is needed before moving forward,” noted the lawyer, whose requests have been joined by other defences. Other defenses have instead requested that the error be removed from chats and that necessary investigations be made while the proceedings are in progress. Big Didi, in addition to thanking him for the solidarity, instead explained that “further investigations will not be helpful”, and that the first need is to find out where Mgr’s “memorial” is. Perlasca of August 31, 2020 and that the “suggestion” for certain cases was specifically Shawky through Ciferri, who told Perlasca that the indications instead came from an “elderly judge”.
Verified, Didi continued, and Perlaska’s perjury hypothesis also falls within the non-punishment since he clarified the earlier version. Didi added that he was not the one who suggested Shawky’s themes. “Let us hear it at trial, – he suggested, -. We need to hear the two women together, to avoid mutual conditioning. We need to make an appointment, and a comparison is made on what is not contiguous. But on trial.”
By order after an hour and 20 in the Council Chamber, President Giuseppe Bignatoni rejected requests to suspend and postpone the trial, then announced that the interrogation of Severi, tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, would be postponed to the new year and adjourned. with Shawky.
mgr. Perlasca, who reported, among other things, that he had received about fifteen heavy letters, some ‘miners’, from Shawqi, whom he described as ‘delirium’, read some of them in the hall, and reported to Cardinal Angelo Becchio, who advised him: ‘Now it is Out of all circles, even from the press, so it’s harmless. Forget it.”
Among the prosecution witnesses, today the Bishop of Como, Cardinal Oscar Cantone, was heard in the courtroom, regarding the hypothesis of the “calling the witness by card”.
Angelo Becchio vs Perlasca. Responding to questions from pg Diddi and President Pignatone, Cantone stated that Becciu had asked him to speak to Perlasca to tell him that “he would have forgiven him, provided he recanted his statements, otherwise he would have denounced him”.

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