VAT figures, 1.9 billion non-reimbursable contributions have already been paid

604 thousand VAT numbers have already received the non-reimbursable contribution stipulated in the Sostegni Decree. Revenue has already started in transfers of more than 1.9 billion euros (data updated until April 5). The first balance prepared by Mef and the agency also talks about 1 million remote applications received from March 30, the date the sending channel opened, until April 8. The date that was set by Prime Minister Mario Draghi as the date of the commencement of the payments. On this front, it can actually be estimated that 60% of the VAT numbers that applied have already received the new non-reimbursable assistance.

First balance


Lombardy is at the top

Of the more than 1.9 billion actually sent by bank transfer, more than 357 million (18.7%) went to businesses, self-employed and professionals in Lombardy. It is followed by Lazio with 239.6 million euros already spent. An amount slightly higher due to production activities in Campania (210.5 million) which, however, recorded about two thousand applications already cleared more than those in Lazio.


Few choose a tax credit

Given financial hardship and protracted shutdowns, it was envisioned that nearly all applicants would opt for immediate credit financial assistance. And so it was until now. Of the requests already submitted for payment, only 1.65% chose Formuklka for tax credit to use for tax reduction or F24 contribution payments: it’s just 10,000 subjects. In this case, the first useful date will be April 16, as last year’s outstanding tax calculation will appear again.

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Applications until May 28

For those who have not yet submitted the application, there will still be time until May 28. Moreover, only 17% of the 11 billion dollars made available by the Sustini decree has so far been disbursed.

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