Variable Omicron, New York declares a state of emergency. Netherlands: 61 South Africans tested positive for COVID-19

It’s maximum alert for The varante Omicron, the new Covid mutation identified in South Africa and thus renamed by the World Health Organization. Then NSHe. She- categorized as “worrying” And that Oxford University has expressed its concerns about this Vaccines ‘almost certainly’ less effective GreetingsMany countries started imposing new restrictions before it was too late. governor New York StateKathy Hochhol has announced that it will take effect this coming Friday, December 3rd Emergency. “We continue to see signs of an increase this winter, and although the new Omicron variant hasn’t caught on in New York, comingHe explained that the decision is linked to a number of infections in New York State, which has returned to growth at levels not seen since last April. The goal is to increase bed capacity in New York hospitals and to address the problem of hospital staffing. Already on Friday, the Biden administration banned the entry of eight African countries into the United States: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that there are currently no cases of the Omicron variant in the United States. Yesterday by White House virology adviser Anthony Fauci. “If they arise, we expect to identify them quickly,” a note from the center reads.

There is also great concern in Europe After confirming the first case in Belgium: in the past few hours Sixty-one people have arrived in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, from South Africa positive for covid. These are the passengers of two KLM flights, the total of which was on board 600 people. According to media reports, it is not yet clear whether it is one of the variants of Omicron: specific tests are being conducted to clarify this. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has declared the risk level associated with the EU’s Omicron variant “high or very high”. In a report released Friday evening on the new Covid strain discovered in South Africa, we read that the variant is “the least similar” among those examined during the pandemic. In fact, the first studies showed that it had 32 spike protein mutations that could theoretically increase its transmissibility and ability to evade antibodies.

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It is precisely for this reason that the Twelfth Ministerial Conference ofWorld Trade Organization (WTO) Which was scheduled to take place next week in Geneva was DelayedThe EU ambassador to the World Trade Organization, Joao Aguiar Machado, explained that “it was not an easy choice but a right one”. He said in a tweet on Twitter that the European Union remains committed to working together to combat this virus and with members of the World Trade Organization for a successful future Ministerial Conference.

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