Varese and Australia, the 360° Alliance of Sports and Garden City

Scola Galimberti Pellegra

Basketball but not only. The Australian investors land in Varese He’s thinking of an intervention that – when he’s working at full capacity – he’s going to have to make A new, modern and innovative face of a part of Garden Citywhich revolves around the large sports complex in masnago (Stadium and Gymnasium) to be implemented, if all goes well, through other structures useful to the community. Which can be commercial, recreational, receptive etc., Depending on what Varese needs, the residents of Varese and Varese will need.

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At Palazzo Estense press conference with Ross Pelligra about basketball in Varese 4 out of 10

Estense Hall has been filled “in every seating arrangement” to present Welcome to Ross Pellegra, A Sicilian-born businessman at the head of a large group of stakeholders in construction and real estate. Join Pelligra for her part Giovanni “John” Caniglia, the weaver From this plot through the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne, but also by a representative Victoria State. Yes, because, as we have said, in this story there is not only sports: at the political level, Victoria in turn stressed – where about 350 thousand descendants of Italians live – Trade alliance with the Lombardy regiona move that favored the courtship between Varese and the basketball team and its entrepreneurial fabric (in the front row the heads and directors of Unione Industriali and Chamber of Commerce: Roberto Grassi with Silvia Pagani and Fabio Longi with Mauro Temperelli) and Pellegra. Attilio Fontana was not there today, his hand yes.

bipartisan politics – And the There was also Giancarlo Giorgetti, The Minister of Economic Development who quickly authorized bipartisan work on city policies: “When Varese calls, I answer no matter who runs the city.” The mayor responded in kind David Galimbertione of the weavers of the “intercontinental” convention, but also from Giacomo cosentino That replaced Fontana in the area today. Among other things, Mrs. Maria Chiara arrived at the municipality grandmother and Regional Adviser Samuel Clever In a rare ecumenical moment on the political level.

Basketball: PELLIGRA IN THE BOARD – On the day long show, no projects (“we don’t have a show” Galimberti repeated) or numbers instigated were shown, not even in regards to the basketball commitment. But Luis Scola – Another main man – Besides Thank you Toto Bolgeroni And the president Marco Vitorelli announce Ross Pellegra’s Personal Entry to Varese Basketball Board. “We did not specify an amount, however Pelligra Group has the financial capacity to intervene And improving the team – explained the entrepreneur – we know how important basketball is to the city and the people who live here.” And Scola repeated it Even a potential transfer of shares will be evaluated in detail (“And we as a consortium will always be there,” repeat Alberto Castelli “Regardless of our weight in society”), the “absolute” percentage hypothesis is currently going down these days in other papers. But Optimism in this regard is strong Indeed, the impression is that the basketball and the building are me The first two fixed points From the wedding of Varese Melbourne. A kind of laboratory that then continues on other levels and in other places, with the ‘blessing’ of a Varese man Umberto Gandini, Legabasket chief is in front row to listen to today’s speeches.

Basketball, gymnasium and stadium in Varese: Ross Pellegra’s press conference live from Palazzo Estense

Plagiacchio model implants – Certainly bureaucracy prevails in Italy and for this reason there was some skepticism about the possibility of interference in the sports arenas. Galimberti and Caniglia thought about eliminating some of the drag: The mayor gave the ice rink as an example (which will be completed at the end of August) emphasizes how regulations allow for a public-private relationship for this type of intervention. Instead, those anticipating a direct financial commitment to complete the redevelopment of the building received a different response than expected: the total cost of the works is just over 4 million, 2 of which are already confirmed by the district for the first lots. For the rest, funds are sought at the ministerial and federal levelEven in these directions, optimism is announced.

Venue, LEGA PRO ATTENTION – subordinate There was less talk of “Franco Osola.”, as well as football in general (Pelligra among other things has practically taken over Catania that will restart it from the fourth division: great interest also in Etna towards the events of Varese). this too The impression is that you think first of the baskets, where the discourse is going well both in the sports field (with the first division and the presence of Skola) and on the field. However, the videoconferencing interference of Lega Pro President, Francesco Guerrelliwhich included Varese among the medium-sized cities believed to carry out the sports factory projects dear to this branch of national football.

Dry bridge between two worlds – Part of the credit in this agreement must also be given to the long-standing relationship between Varese and Australia, linked to the Gavirate Axis and not surprisingly, among the interventions, a relationship Warwick Forbes (by video) or the manager and former gymnast who ran the structure built in 2006 by the lake. Presence European headquarters of the Australian Institute of Sport It was an added incentive for Australians who do not rule out an increase in the number of athletes – even young ones – passing through from Gavirate. And speaking of young peoplethat was another word that recurs when it comes to talking about basketball: interest in the nursery will be high, everyone is guaranteed.

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