Valve provides no further delay, has sent hundreds of development kits –

Despite epidemiological issues and ingredient sourcing, Valve confirmed that shipments From steam surface They will start at the end of February as scheduled. In short, there will be no unexpected, unwelcome events at the last minute No further delays.

Confirmation came via a post on Steam, where we also learned that Gabe Newell continues to work on a “Verified” Steam Deck so users can be sure the console is compatible with more games and has Send hundreds of development kits for developers.

Steam series under test

The post on Steam read: “We are on track to deliver Steam Deck on schedule. Despite the pandemic, and sourcing and shipping issues, we should be able to start shipments by the end of February.”

“At the same time, we’ve continued to work on Verified on the Steam Deck. Soon you’ll be able to view the compatibility status on the deck for an increasing number of titles.”

“It is very important to give developers the ability to test their games for a nice green ‘Verified on Deck’ badge, so we are sending a large number of dev kits to developers. We have approved another wave of dev kits, and hundreds of them have been shipped in the last month ( We are continuing to approve and ship more).

Steam Deck pre-orders began in July last year, with Valve planning to release its console before Christmas. As we know, unfortunately production problems caused by component shortages, a well-known semiconductor crisis that also affects PS5 and Xbox Series X production, forced Valve to postpone the launch to February 2022.

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