Valve doesn’t want to block old game versions from being downloaded –

Recently a rumor has spread that valve That would remove the ability for players steam from Access to ancient structures of games. However, that appears not to be the case at all, at least according to a statement by Valve released to PC Gamer.

You should know first of all that the rumor caused a lot Fears For a variety of reasons. Many players use old versions of the game if the old saves are not compatible with the new versions of the game. Also, modders and users sometimes need to use older versions, in case updates cause incompatibility

Steam . logo
Steam . logo

However, as it turned out, valve Do not try to disable the feature entirely. In a statement to PC Gamer, he said, “We don’t actually plan to disable downloading legacy builds. What we’re working on is an approach to managing sophisticated cases involving non-proprietary content, and helping partners remove builds more easily. They should be removed due to issues like copyright issues.” We will have more to share about this project when it is ready to ship.”

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