Valve can work as a controller, “Steam Machine, but it works well” –

If Valve’s history is littered with exceptional milestones and accomplishments from a software point of view (let’s pretend the tool wasn’t there before?), The hardware department has far fewer notches on his belt. It cannot be said that he did not try. Over the years, we’ve had Steam Link, Steam Controller, and Index. However, the most ambitious project is definitely the Steam Machines project. It was a series of pre-assembled computers that, according to Gabe Newell’s plans, were to combine the simplicity of consoles with the flexibility and catalog of Steam. Too bad the pricing and fragmentation of the supply hindered the project’s success, but it was clearly not ambitions valve. According to a former employee, in fact, Valve has long worked on nobody Steam control unit, Kind of Steam machine, But it was done well. “A project never seen before, but it may not be completely idle inside the new hardware lab / production line in Victoria, Washington state.

for him Reset A former Valve employee spoke about the project, saying that the company has been working on a project for a long time Home controllerBut the process was long and never materialized.

According to his claims, Valve’s engineers were working on a real “PC Console”, in other words on “a properly made Steam”. And then he added “It is a pity that nothing has been done” that were supposed to be vending machines index And Half-Life: Alyx with a subscription system, in order to make costs sustainable.

Una Steam Machine.
Una Steam Machine.

But not everything seems to be lost. The project has never been officially closed and “will probably emerge,” that’s “because Valve has created from scratch a new hardware lab / production line in Victoria.

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According to some, that would be the big news for 2021 that Gabe Newell suggested. Would you like it as a project?

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