Vacino, in Lazio stop making reservations: since when and why

There does not appear to be enough doses to vaccinate everyone.

The rate of administration will be reduced by 5% to allow those who have already received the first dose to finish the course of vaccination. After criticism from the regions, from today there is a possibility to stop bookings for the entire month of July.

Among the regions prepared to put reservations on standby, in view of the small number of doses, there appears – as the Republic has stated – also Lazio.

Young people will be most affected by such a procedure. The latest vaccination squad has been called, and young people 17 and older will have to wait until August for information about canceling reservations for the first dose of the vaccine. In the meantime, management will continue, with the goal of reaching 80% of immunized people.

The General Francesco Paolo ViglioloAn exceptional commissioner stated that the reduction would be minimal and that the target of covering 80% of citizens by September was still possible.

On the contrary, the Lazio region announces that it will be possible to reach, by the same date, only 76% of the vaccinated people in the region.

However, this number is promising, but with progress delta variable Based on Variable delta plus This is not enough: experts assure that it is now necessary to cover at least 87% of the population.

Stop bookings for the first dose in July in Lazio (and beyond)

The vaccination campaign has reached a height 4,733,720 doses were administered, for the total of people who have completed the course of vaccination which is about 30%.

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Obviously, the least vaccinated age group is that of young and very young, from 12 years and older, but even 50-60 the proportion is still relatively low. Conversely, people over 80 are covered for a good 85%, while, just below it, people over 70 have just 48%.

Vaccinating young people was the final step in the vaccination campaign, one that would safely restart the school’s public transportation system. At risk, however, there are the first doses of younger ones.

at LazioFor example, the situation looks like يبدو become complicated.

Who has already booked the first dose You will receive the second by the specified date upon receipt of the confirmation text message. Those who haven’t booked yet The first dose will not be able to do this. Stop bookings take effect immediately, just try to get to the booking page to realize there aren’t enough doses for everyone, with empty slots for days.

While The first doses are due until July 15th. Only in August can reservations and administration of the first doses for everyone begin again.

Wrong data from regions: no slowdown?

But not only in Lazio. In general, a slowdown in the administration of the first doses in July, due to lower delivery of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, is expected in most of Italy.

Let’s say it’s the areas with the data at hand, but on the other side of the fence, General Figliolo reported it Vaccines are there And that the difference is only 5%, which equates to 0.8 million fewer doses. “It’s completely consistent (vaccine doses) With the aim of the plan, which provides, at the national level, a vaccination by the end of September for 80% of the population of people who can undergo vaccination‘ wrote the extraordinary commissioner.

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The plan remains the same, even with lower doses.

The Extraordinary Commissioner announces the number of doses to be delivered: for the month of July, it is expected that the amount will be about 14.5 million doses, respectively 12.1 million doses of Pfizer and 2.4 of Moderna, which will also guarantee heterogeneous vaccinations, for those under the age of 60. They received the AstraZeneca vaccine as a first dose (Source Adnkronos).

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