Vaccini, Figliuolo Piano in Truth Week. Jimbei: “500 thousand doses a day? There are no numbers.” Other European Union countries have accelerated

The Objectives From the plan the general laid out exactly a month ago Francesco Paolo Figliolo Cannot be reached now on schedule: Italy was supposed to travel at speed D.300 thousand management per day Since the seventh of March (he has not reached it yet) and now he must be close to Half a million One injection every 24 hours. The same Figliuolo commissioner attests to the delay, explaining so even in the week From April 16 to 22 “Approx 315mila Daily administrations in more than 2,200 active vaccination points throughout Italy. ”But this week it will be Decisive To keep up with other greats at least Europe UnionAnd the Than it has been in recent days Accelerated Most of Italy. The regions will finally have an arsenal at their disposal to give a boost to the immunization of older factions: in about seven days Two million two hundred thousand doses Of the vaccine. It should allow you to average improvement 242mila pollen On the day it was held from April 3 to 9, which is worse than that of the one being held in it Germany (425mila), in France (287 thousand) and also in Spain (255 thousand). “I Over 4.2 million Vaccines to be delivered as a whole Between 15 and 22 April For sanitary structures in the regions. In particular, more than three million euros are expected to be distributed Pfizer Divided into two states 1.5 million, about half a million Vaxephria (AstraZeneca, Ed), More than 400 thousand modern, And more than 180 thousand Johnson & JohnsonHe reads a note.

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Figliuolo Commissioner promised a month ago between On April 14th and 20th We would have reached 500,000 administrations a day, or the speed to maintain for the remainder of the vaccination campaign that would have allowed us according to his plan to reach.Herd immunity a September. “Regarding 500,000 departments per day by April 15th, for now The numbers are not there“, pointing to Nino Cartabillota, President Gymby Foundation. budget First Quarter He says 14 million doses were delivered. The “90% Of the vaccinations stipulated in the most recent version of the vaccination plan that was 15.7 million. The first version of the plan stipulated this 28.3 millionCartapillota A. Italy wakes up It Campus Radio Cossano Then he indicates that they “expected it.” 300,000 by March 23“But” only last week we reached 300 thousand AH Only some daysBecause “there is always a crash on Sundays” and that “should help Other employees“.

The time being in Refrigerators The Italians stayed 2 and a half million dosesThe stocks needed to carry out the recall process. But for now, new vials are expected to arrive in the next seven days. Specifically, a new weekly load of Pfizer, With a noticeable increase: approx One and a half million doses. To these, others will be added 400 thousand of moderna. More Tuesday 360 thousand doses It will be stored in the Defense Center in Pratica di Mare. who are they, 184.800 Relate to the first pregnancy of the single-dose vaccine Johnson & Johnson, While the others 175.200 I am from AstraZeneca.

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“The Decisive first Deliveries, now let’s see how they go in this month of April, we know that Johnson & Johnson deliveries will arrive in “lower doses than expected,” says Cartabellotta. From what appears, it will arrive around April 8 million dosesMaybe it could increase Up to 10. Very few, considering Figliuolo’s plan expects between now and June 52 million doses. The monthly average will do roughly 17 million. Moreover, AstraZeneca should only guarantee 10 million doses for Italy between now and the end of June: for now, 340 thousand stripes By April 14, half of them will reach 175,000. Much weight, for now, is On the shoulders of Pfizer, Which for some time worked to regulate and increase its supply.

With these numbers, as the President of the Jimbei Foundation explained, it is easy to predict That would not be possible Maintain an average of at least 500 thousand doses per day until the beginning of May. However, Italy’s duty is to at least reach 300,000 stable administrations per day keep up From the rest of Europe: At present, Italy is lagging behind Spain e Germany In line with France As well as for the number of daily injections per 100,000 inhabitants. For the future, the hope is to increase shipments by Johnson & Johnson and to approve a vaccine developed by the German company. CorevacAnd the it’s a She mentioned that she expects a production 300 million doses In 2021, 20 million of them will be allocated to Italy. Curevac is not yet complete Phase 3 study He applied for approvalMother. We asked a General calendar Of births, because at the moment we only have the amount of vaccines expected in a quarterly period, “comments Cartabellota again.

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