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Vaccines, Australia is asking the European Union to review the decision on AstraZeneca vaccines

Italy’s decision (in agreement with the European Union Commission) to ban 250,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine destined for Australia is causing a debate on the political forces of the peripheral country. In fact, the government of Canberra asked the executive arm of the European Union to review the bloc’s decision, specifying that the missed doses would not harm the country’s vaccination program. “Australia has raised the issue with the European Commission through several channels, and in particular we have requested a review of this decision,” commented Greg Hunt, Australian Minister of Health.

The fryer owner specified that Canberra had already received 300,000 doses of Astra serum, which would be sufficient until domestic production increased. The Australian vaccination plan began two weeks ago: as usual, the first beneficiaries were health care workers and the elderly, who had received Pfizer-Biontic. On the other hand, the country’s prime minister said he was able to understand the choice of Mario Draghi’s government: “In Italy,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison explained, “The death rate is around 300 per day: so I can definitely understand the high level of concern in Italy and in many countries in Europe. “.

And in the aftermath of Italy, France could also decide to act: Health Minister Olivier Ferrand told BFM reporters that the trans-Alpine country could follow the Rome government’s decision. On the other hand, Berlin’s Health Minister, Jens Spahn, is opposed to stopping the free vaccine trade. During a weekly press conference, the German politician said that despite the need for large companies to respect supply contracts in Europe, so far “there is no reason to stop shipments from Germany to other countries.”

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Span stated that he has not yet spoken with his Italian counterpart, Minister Roberto Speranza, about the decision to stop shipping AstraZeneca vaccines to Australia. He concluded, “At the present time we have no reason not to allow the delivery of vaccines to other parts of the world.” However, according to the minister, the approach should always be coordinated at the European Union level. (All rights reserved)

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