Vaccines: Another mistake, Astrazeneca instead of Moderna for 11 people in Empoli

Another mistake in giving vaccinations. This morning, July 14, 11 people were accidentally injected with AstraZeneca instead of Moderna’s vaccine. It happened at the SeSa vaccination center in Empoli, at Via Leopoldo Giuntini, 40. The wrong center only discovered at the end of the shift when, as usual, the operators went to resort the bottles. The error appeared when reading the vaccine codes in agreement with the names. The eleven involved have already been identified and contacted by the health company. These are people with an average age of 36, both men and women.

Two of them reside in the Valdinivole region and nine in the Lower Empolese Valdarno region. “Although it was the first vaccine administration – explains Asl Centro in a note – they will complete the course in a ‘heterotrophic’ mode, i.e. with the second dose of the mRNA vaccine.” Meanwhile, General Manager Paolo Murillo Marchesi announced that an internal audit would be conducted “to reconstruct the dynamics of the session and the reasons for what went wrong in order to avoid repetition. I apologize to those directly concerned”.

Similar episodes have already occurred in Tuscany. In Pistoia, six people received a physiological solution instead of the regular vaccine. In the weeks before Massa Carrara, a 23-year-old girl was injected with four doses of Pfizer, and the same thing happened in Livorno with a 67-year-old woman.

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