Vaccines against the virus, in Puglia, can be obtained by general practitioners. Pediatricians and dentists are suggested

General practitioners can withdraw vaccine doses at Puglia vaccination centers to go ahead with home vaccinations for more than 80 years and vulnerable patients: Doctors will order the amount of ASL they need and then they can move in for a collection after 48 hours. For this service, ASL provides them with personalized email contacts.

The week begins with the vaccination of more than 80 people, in the clinic and at home, for fragile patients and caregivers: Among these, the first departments of caregivers for patients with hematology and thalassemia have been scheduled, while Saturday’s turn will come. Caregivers of dialysis patients and transplanters.

Meanwhile, the director of the Regional Health Policy Department, Vito Montanaro, met with the representative organizations of freely chosen pediatricians, inpatient outpatient specialists and dentists.

The aim of the meeting is to implement the protocols signed by the Ministry with the same organizations at the national level on February 21, 2021 also in Puglia, to involve these professionals in the national vaccination plan.

“All organizations have shown their willingness to support the district in implementing the vaccination plan by making it possible to implement vaccines in satellite clinics, that is, outpatient specialists and dentists mainly in district centers. It is clear that in certain cases, the availability is the implementation of vaccines also in Their professional offices. We are now collecting memberships that, we remind you, on a voluntary basis. Those interested will be able to deliver them to the ASL and to physicians’ orders. The agreement is scheduled to meet again within the first ten days of April to obtain all membership and send the lists to ASL and its prevention departments so that as soon as possible this additional batch of human capital can be used for vaccinations. “

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