Vaccination Day is for those over the age of 65 only

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May 16, 2021 9:09 PM

Not just “AstraDay”: ASL Caserta, in all vaccination centers in ASL Caserta, organized a “modern day” starting at 7:30 on May 19, 2021 and ending on 23, on 19.05.2021 for 5000 departments. Unlike the AstraZeneca vaccine, the one that contains the Moderna vaccine is intended Only for users over the age of 65 Residents of the municipalities of ASL Caserta.

For those who intend to participate, it is necessary to register in advance at the designated web address. To be able to register properly, the following is necessary: Public Finance Law, Health card numberAnd the E-mail addressAnd the mobile Number.

Places available will be allocated on the basis of the chronological order of registration and distribution at various ASL Vaccination Centers. When overbooked places are exhausted, the overbooking queue will be used for subsequent calls. Final confirmation of reservations will take place in the following hours and only after this department has performed all necessary routine checks on members. To know the final result of the reservation, simply scan the QR code on your booking voucher (starting at 20:00 on 05.17.2021)

All patients for whom routine examinations have given positive results will receive an SMS and confirmation email indicating the time and location of the vaccination, sending the consent and bringing the completed questionnaire. On the contrary, all customers for whom routine checks have failed will not receive SMS or emails, and by framing the QR code they will receive the message Booking Not Found.

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Finally, it is recommended that utmost attention be paid when entering data, especially phone number and email address (only contact details), as it will not be possible to amend them later. The login time must be respected for each user. In the absence of SMS or reservation emails, it will not be possible to access the vaccination.

Link to book

(The registration portal will open from 12:00 on 17.05.2021)

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