Vaccinate over 80, GPs ready.

“General practitioners are the only ones who can administer hair vaccinations, as they can reach that part of the population that is facing great difficulties in accessing vaccination facilities. We are ready to do our part, and for this reason it is good for the region to convene a table as soon as possible to move to the operational phase. ”

* Luigi Sparano * (FIMMG Naples) returns to the theme of Phase 2 in Campania, in which citizens will also be vaccinated, starting from over 80 years old, and he does so ensuring the maximum availability of a general practitioner class.

“We have always been the reference point for vaccinations – he remembers – we can and should be in this crisis context.” However, there is a need to coordinate and integrate the ‘scouting’ activity with regional platforms first, and then the management performed by general practitioners.

“There must be a precise definition of the action plan – Corrado Calamaro * (FIMMG Naples) * explains – and that all GPs be placed in a position to respond to the correct reservation requests coming from patients.”

At this point, the company trustees remember * Ciro Cozzolino *, * Antonio Sardu * and * Pietro Di Girolamo *, there are many over 80s who are asking us to be listed on the platform that will be booked, and there is also a tremendous effort from the family of doctors who do a great deal of Information on patients throughout the regions, but it is necessary to define operating methods for this work. A job that can be counterproductive if we do not intervene quickly.

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“The risk, Sparano concludes, is that doubts and misunderstandings could be generated, casting a bad light on the extraordinary efforts the region has made so far and a schedule that has only been slowed by a lack of doses to be taken.”

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