Vacations in the USA like Barbie and Ken: Famous Places

What a beautiful life Barbie leads! Between fun and vacation, always along with Ken, let’s face it, we all envy her a little bit. First of all, in her huge wardrobe – which not even Chiara Ferragni will have in her life – there are clothes for every occasion and every type of activity, from beach to surfing, from party to camping.

And then, how many Barbie does! He rides a horse, drives the car – pink -, goes camping, Swimming in the pool-Do trips, sing, dances and so on.

The good news is that they do many things Barbie and Ken We can do them too, and in the most popular places in the United States. Of course, “Barbie style”.

Go bowling in Milwaukee

Equipped with boots, shorts, and knee pads, we can bowl like Barbie in the oldest alley in the United States. The Holler House is located in Milwaukee, in Wisconsin, the city of “happy days”, overlooking Lake Michigan, like Chicago. From 1908 to today, five generations of players have passed through here. The bowling alleys at Holler House offer the same experience that existed a century ago. It would be necessary to keep the result manually because the electronics here never arrived.

Ice skating in Venice Beach

Riding with roller skates, helmet, and even here, knee pads as carefree Barbie and her long blonde hair blowing in the wind can only be done in the most famous place in America: Venice Beach, California. The colorful boardwalk along the sea, lined with palm trees and outdoor gyms where muscular thugs like Ken’s train in the sun are one of Los Angeles’ most popular spots. The Venice Beach Boardwalk stretches for two miles and is home to hundreds of street vendors and even more colorful artists to watch as you swing. After skiing, you can take a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

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Windsurfing in Hawaii

There is only one place in the world to surf and that is Hawaii. Although the sport originated in California in the 1930s, among these islands, considered a surfer’s paradise, you can surf on top of the waves. Kane won’t be afraid of them, maybe us a little. But for the bravest, there are some absolutely unmissable spots, such as Oahu, “Lost Island”, of which Honolulu’s most popular spot is Waikiki Beach. However, the most reckless and experienced choose a sport on the north coast, Haleiwa, which is famous for the massive waves that even the great champions encounter.

Hip hop dance in the Bronx

We said Barbie sings and dances. And over the years, he also learned to practice hip-hop. We can also try our hand at – or even just watch who’s dancing it – in his hometown, the Bronx. This area of ​​New York City is truly the home of hip-hop as well as the heart of New York street culture. There’s nothing quite like a tour of the Bronx to see a dance show. From DJs to MCs, B-Boys to graffiti artists, the break dance In these parts, it has a 40-year history that can tempt even the least coordinated to move. Then, don’t miss the experience at Yankee Stadium to watch a baseball game. Barbie and Ken are going for a run.

Surfing in New Hampshire

Imagine Barbie in her beautiful high cut low cut one-piece swimsuit with her hands on a rope being pulled by a luxury motorboat while surfing. Anyone can do it just like you and in the US there is a great area where it is highly recommended to practice it. This is New Hampshire Lakeland located on the east coast. After trying this experience, a leisurely cruise on Lake Winnipesaukee, the largest in the US state, awaits you, or you can relax in it. Wears Beach Between ice cream, games and fun.

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Barbie and Ken have many friends (Jimmy, Casey, Stacey, Ginger – fellow Skipper sister – Kelly, Cara, Marie Osmond – character inspired by the real singer – PJ, Nikky, Nia, Miko/Kira, Whitney, Laura, Tara Lynn and Marina, Shani, Maoni, Lea, Kaylae, etc., etc.) and with them, they like to have fun in every way, even playing pool. Anyone who wants to experience the Made in USA experience should go for it play snooker In a classic college town. In Columbia, in the central state of Missouri, there are an endless number of cafes, bars and one of the most popular pool halls in the United States: Bush Billiards Hall. This hunt dates back to 1884, when the American flag had only 38 stars (it now has 50). The billiards hall serves the famous paper burgers and has pool tables and snooker – a variant of it – in a cinematic atmosphere. Other places can be found on Visit TheUsa.

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