Users are using Quest 2 less and less, to take advantage of an unknown VR viewer –

Meta Quest 2 (Formerly known as Oculus Quest 2) has long been the main viewer among Steam players. Still, but his success decreasealthough it’s unclear which hardware enthusiasts are headed towards.

In the August 2022 Report On Steam hardware and software, we see that Quest 2 is down 8.28% from last year. Currently, 42.04% of Steam players who own a Quest 2 headset own it. Interestingly, the category that has seen the most growth is “other,” i.e. headphones not on Valve’s list.

Valve’s list includes all Oculus headphones, Valve Index, HTC, Pico Neo 2 and 3, PS VR, Pimax 5K Plus, Iriun VR, ALVR, Riftcat Vridge, Windows Mixed Reality, and more. Many names were included, so it’s strange that the unknown products had an increase of 13.76% to 15.07%. We also note that the second most used headphone is the Valve Index HDM with a score of 13.16%: the “other” category also beats the Valve headset. We can also note that the number of Steam users who have a VR viewer has decreased significantly, namely by 4.07% to 2.6%.

Tell us, do you have a VR headset? if so; which of these?

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