USB socket scam: Be careful, they steal your data and introduce virus

Be careful when you connect your phone, you risk becoming victims of USB socket scam: what it is and how to defend yourself.

It is sure to happen at least once in your life that you need to connect your phone to it battery charger while you are travelling. Indeed, when you have to move with tight deadlines, you will not always have time to keep the phone charged optimally, but it can also happen that excessive use of this gadget for work and leisure can lead to Very high battery consumption.

USB port scam spreads: what is it? –

To get around this problem, there are those who walk in bulky shoes charging tool, but there are also those who are interested in the fact that there are recharging stations at train stations and airports that will allow to solve the problem during waiting times. Fortunately, in fact, these gathering and transit places are increasingly equipped from this point of view and allow travelers to have this convenience as well.

Precisely, this new habit that is being created among travelers to make use of electrical outlets and USB ports found in public places can lead to tangible dangers. At least according to what has been reported recently beforeDenver FBI Which shed light on the growing criminal phenomenon known as “Jus Jacking”.

What is Juice Jacking and how can we protect ourselves

It seems that plugging our charging cable into USB sockets found in public places can be dangerous for our devices and therefore for the data inside. Nowadays, our entire lives pass inside the smartphone, there are important documents, business contacts and data related to our bank accounts. hackers They know that smartphones contain important information and that through them they can also access bank accounts and they are always looking for new ways to steal them.

What is it and how can we defend ourselves from Juice Jacking –

the Grab a juice In fact, viruses and malware are installed in smartphones via USB ports. Not everyone knows, in fact, that it is also possible to upload data via the USB port that we usually use to charge the phone. Inside this are two of the four pins that have this function. By exploiting it, hackers are able to infect and take control of our phones.

So, pay attention to which USB socket you insert your phone into and try to avoid doing it in public places Where there is a very high number of visits and turnout. It is possible that this type of criminal activity has not yet reached Italy, but it could arrive soon.

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